Show & Tell: The Politics of Silence and the Power of Discourse
HDV transferred to DVD
running time: 44 minutes
A documentary film focusing on interviews with artists, curators and writers, Show & Tell charts the current status of discourse production in the field of art making.

Featuring interviews with:

Pierre Bismuth
Anselm Franke
Bernd Krauss
Olaf Nicolai
Judy Radul
Dieter Roelstraete
Martha Rosler
Monika Szewczyk
Jan Verwoert
Anton Vidokle
Jeff Wall

Produced by the Master Fine Art Program
of the Piet Zwart Institute
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University

Course Director: Vanessa Ohlraun
Project Leader: Hila Peleg
Producer/Director: Derek Brunen
Script: Marnie Slater
Research: Jay Tan, Selina Taylor
Camera: Ghislain Amar, Derek Brunen
Sound: Sjoerd van Leeuwen
Set Design: Sjoerd van Leeuwen, Bat Sheva Ross
Editing Supervisor: Angela Melitopolous
Editors: Derek Brunen, Bat Sheva Ross, Marnie Slater, Jay Tan
Sound Editor: Wouter Bos
Music: Kok & Dieman

Special Thanks: Willem de Kooning Akademie, Witte de With Contemporary Arts, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Walter Birkhoff, Carolien Provaas, Hadley & Maxwell, Judy Radul, Eva Visser and especially Hila Peleg and Angela Melitopolous for their remarkable patience and support.

Copyright Piet Zwart Institute 2010
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- Show and Tell: The Politics of Silence and the Power of Discourse
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